Vacation Part 4 – the Vancouver Sewing Scene

We were back in Vancouver and so we biked around the sea wall of Stanely Park and had some wonderful Ramen and red bean pastry desserts!

We then headed home, showered, and headed out to look at some fabric stores near Gas Town.

We went to Dresssew Supply and Atex Fabrics.

DressSew had the largest selection of buttons I’ve seen yet! As well as many other sewing materials and fabrics. I wore my Kanye dress and my mom wore the new shirt I made her!

At Atex fabric my mom and I found this wonderful floral linen!

From there we met up with my dad for dinner and had a nice night!

Upcoming Projects – preparing for Spring and Summer 2019

After my last pattern making class I quickly picked up the mushroom print for my Les Claypol dress and at the same time I saw a cotton version of the Carolina Herrera poodle print that I had used to make a silk shift dress a few years ago. I get so many compliments on that dress and it was a part of my most NYC experience when the designer of the fabric said hi to me on the street. I did not buy the fabric on Saturday but I kept thinking about it and on Monday after work I stopped by and picked it up. I am hoping to turn this into some cute shorts. I think this could be an interesting substitute for denim and still kind of match a lot of clothes.

Also… I saw this other colorful cotton voile. I think this could make a really nice A Line summer dress. I found the pom pom trim upstairs and I think this will help make the dress really nice and unique. I haven’t sewn in a trim on a dress before and I think this will be an interesting skill to develop and make some of my standard work reach a new level of complexity and unique detail.

Stay tuned! & let me know in the comments if you have recommendations!

A shirt for my mom!

It’s been quite a while since my mom and I picked out this fabric at Mood but it’s finally time to make her a nice shirt! Which buttons would you choose?

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Pattern Class 6: My own design & the complete Les Claypool Outfit

Ta da! Bodice and skirt together!! Thanks Mood University!

We had brunch with friends today and I knew I wanted to be able to wear this in the spring weather and to my final class. This morning I decided that the skirt wasn’t hanging right and so I tore out the seams on both sides all the way to the hip and I re-measured and took in the sides to further taper the skirt. I was listening to a podcast and I kept making one more fix…and one more fix… Suddenly our train was leaving the station in 30 min and I hadn’t showered! Thankfully I had just finished the last last adjustment and we rushed through getting ready and headed out the door. We made it to lunch and after I jumped on the train to class.

All week I had also been trying to figure out what to try to use to design in my final pattern class…

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Pattern Class 5

In class five we learned all about pattern modifications. This was great! It was so neat to have everything we learned in the previous class pull together and then build on it.

It was very interesting to…

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Upcoming Projects – Another shirt for D

We bought this fabric about two years ago and it is time for it to come to life. D used to have a shirt similar to this and I really liked it. I think this will look quite good and be nice for summer. I am planning to make a standard dress shirt so that he can wear it to work too.


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