A Bridesmaid Belt

A friend at work is getting married and I have discovered that I really LOVE sewing accessories for weddings. It’s a neat way to contribute something and also help friends easily save a lot of money.

For my friend, in her fittings they found a cute beaded belt but it was over $100. At work we talked about it and I mentioned that we just needed to go to Mood and we could probably find and make something similar for much less.

We went on an initial exploration trip and it was so fun for her to see all the fabrics and trims! From there we went back a little while later and picked out a favorite and some ribbon to use for the ties.

With this selected, I took it home and hand stitched the mesh back behind the beads. I then attached the ribbons, used glitter nail polish to prevent the edges from fraying, and embroidered a little message about the bride and her sister that will receive this belt.

I have room to improve that last bit some but it will be hidden so who cares? 🙂

I also made this little bag out of some silk chiffon scraps so that it can be a nice gift.  I put the logo on in case I’m famous one day Haha

I can’t wait to see photos of her big day!  She has a very nice fiance and I’m genuinely just happy for her.

Wedding Veil Final Look

The Veil found a home with my cousin! I am so happy for her and her husband and it was a lovely ceremony and evening with family. They had really nice friends and it’s exciting to see them doing well 🙂

Here’s what 4 months of hand beading for a cathedral veil looks like:

Her dress was so pretty it’s hard not to look at that too!

The beaded edge went all the way around with ivy accents. I really enjoyed this and if a future project arises, it will be interesting to try with the tambour needle possibly instead 🙂

Vacation Clothes Part 2

The wedding day was lovely! We looked at the small crabs, clams, and hermit crabs in the tidal pools and I wore my retropom pom 50’s dress.From there we headed to the local farmer’s market and bought some local jams. It was then time to get ready for the ceremony and I decided to wear my mushroom outfit.

The ceremony was beautiful and my cousin wore the veil I had made. She looked so beautiful and it was wonderful to see her and her husband so happy together. Stay tuned for more pictures once I get access to my mom’s photos 🙂Everything about the wedding was beautiful and there was a really cool gigantic long table that looked out onto the small bay.What a fun day to celebrate with family!

The latest veil continued!

This veil is heading to Kelowna, BC to hopefully match the dress of my cousin for her wonderful upcoming wedding! I took a few pictures before shipping it this time. I really hope it matches her dress, but worst case it will be time to get crafting!

My cousin hopefully has a steamer…

My Wedding Veil

When I married my husband in 2017, it was really fun, but a lot of the planning and “wedding industry” really stressed me out. My sister in law had made her veil at her wedding for $5 of Tulle from Walmart and she let me take the same tulle to turn into my own! I took her original veil and rounded out the edges a bit and then converted the comb part to what I can only describe as virgin-mary-style, so that the edge would lay directly on my head and there would be no “flip over” part. I took a bunch of silver beads and sewed them in along the entire edge with a “Gecko foot” design (if you ever made bead animals). It was very relaxing to make this veil and it felt really special on the official day.

Photo Credit: Cathy & David

Early lessons in fabric choices, preparation, and celebrating a wedding!

While I’m just starting this blog, some of these posts are out of order, but it doesn’t hurt to revisit things I’ve learned with past projects. I had a friend from childhood get married in San Francisco and I wanted something fun to wear to the wedding that would be comfortable and fit well. This was one of my earlier Mood fabric choices and second dress created since this all started. I wanted to get right to the fun part (sewing) so I didn’t wash the fabric… And thus, the hemline is pretty wobbly because of course it shrunk in funny directions. It’s a little hard to see but this is a princess cut top with a very (too) full skirt. The fabric was also quite scratchy (maybe I bought it in the outdoor section? I have yet to learn what I did wrong) so I hand lined it with a softer cotton. It’s still cute and did the trick, but probably not something I will wear super often even though the print is so cute.

The Veil Project

I had been making a veil for a friend, but unfortunately it ended up being too white. It will hopefully now find a new home with my cousin…

This veil is cathedral length with bridal tulle from Mood. The staff lady that helped me was wonderful. For my own veil, I had reused my sister-in-law’s $5 tulle from Walmart. This was still really affordable, but much more stretchy and durable. Overall, this took me about 4 months to complete.