Pom pom dress!

First off, Happy Mother’s day!! I am so thankful for everything my mom has taught me and all the time she took to help and support me with anything throughout my life.  This includes learning how to thread a sewing machine!

I decided to sew the cotton flower print/polka dot dress first which I’ll finish with the pom pom trim.

And here is the progress I made on day 1 (pics below)

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Pattern Class 6: My own design & the complete Les Claypool Outfit

Ta da! Bodice and skirt together!! Thanks Mood University!

We had brunch with friends today and I knew I wanted to be able to wear this in the spring weather and to my final class. This morning I decided that the skirt wasn’t hanging right and so I tore out the seams on both sides all the way to the hip and I re-measured and took in the sides to further taper the skirt. I was listening to a podcast and I kept making one more fix…and one more fix… Suddenly our train was leaving the station in 30 min and I hadn’t showered! Thankfully I had just finished the last last adjustment and we rushed through getting ready and headed out the door. We made it to lunch and after I jumped on the train to class.

All week I had also been trying to figure out what to try to use to design in my final pattern class…

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Pattern Class 5: Terrifying (& Exciting) Pattern Modifications for the Best Fit!

So as mentioned in the last Pattern Class 5 summary, my bodice had some gapey arm holes and it had to be adjusted further!

At first I tried low risk (and ineffective) solutions by trying to take in the sides at some angles to get rid of some of the fabric. After a few tries, it was time to use the techniques we learned in class – why did I wait?

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Anna Sui – My first try at women’s sleeves!

This was a really fun fabric I found around the same time that I discovered the dark green wool. We had raided Joann’s and I was looking for some additional fabrics at Mood to test out the new patterns!

This was a really nice silk that at first I wanted to turn into a dress, but I figured it could be useful to make a few separates. I started out with a shirt pattern, that I think might be a little too big, and I dropped down the hem in the back so that I could wear it with leggings in the cover-your-butt style. It will be nice to be able to get all of the shoulder measurements right (or at least closer) after a few more sessions in the pattern making class.

Also, a close up on the placket as this blouse is designed with more vintage buttons from one of my grandmothers.

Pattern making Class 4: testing the bodice pattern

I’ve started to sew the bodice based on the MoodU bodice blocks. I’m using the same Carolina Hererra 2012 Mushroom Print fabric.

As I started to sew it together…

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