Cotton Flower Shirt Part 1

I wanted a nice white blouse to go with some of my new skirts.

It was time to get sewing! Read more below!

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Spring Outfit!

It’s starting to get warmer here although later today they are saying it’s going to rain. I still felt like it was time to break out some of my summer dresses and lay a sweater over them with the Gandini scarf.

This is a dress I made from on of my Joann fabric purchases last year.Overall the fit of the dress is pretty standard. I tried to make it more interesting by beading the hem with a series of silver and pearly white beads. I did this just by threading them on a needle and stitching them in place. I still kind of feel like this needs something else. Maybe I should have used sparklier beads? Suggestions anyone? See the full dress below

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Gandini Posey Skirt

This was the first Gandini fabric I ever purchased from Mood.It’s a really neat sturdy woven cotton that breathes really nicely and doesn’t wrinkle too much even after a day at work. Once I saw it in Mood, I kept thinking about it because the print is pretty unique and the fabric felt so nice. It’s sold in panels and this was the first time I bought one of those. When I started to try and figure out what I wanted to make with it… Continue reading “Gandini Posey Skirt”

Sea foam Gandini

There is a very friendly man at Mood who works in the brocade and lace section. He always recommends wonderful fancy fabrics and he initially explained Gandini fabrics to me. They are super high quality, imported from Italy, and really fun! There is a print that looks like a Lizzard that I keep thinking about but I don’t know what to do with it… maybe another skirt? Another day.

For now, I cannot wait to wear this silk scarf in summer. It is a light sea foam green and it’s almost weightless. Hand stitched hems. It moved so easily it was most a challenge to cut and it was very delicate to sew. I tried to use a very thin needle to minimize damage to the fabric and I added a tiny second layer around the logo just to stabilize it a bit.