Vacation Part 3

Today it was time to ferry back to the mainland. First we had a final brunch with the wedding guests and said goodbye to the bride, groom, and family.

We took the ferry back from Quadra and went for lunch with my grandparents.

I decided to break out my Marc Jacob’s crysathimum dress only to be topped by my nana in this yellow tunic! I think this is inspiration for a future project!

We then headed to the ferry to the mainland and we wrapped up the day at a wonderful Burmese restaurant called Amay‘s House.

Here’s the good stuff to make a Burmese Tea Leaf salad:

We almost got to buy this to make fermented tea leaf salads but the restaurant doesn’t actually sell them as they’re so hard to import and so they only give a few to family friends. Oh well, we’ll just have to come back 🙂