Vacation Sewing Part 2 & Finished Polka Dot Americana Dress!

As mentioned it was tons of fun to visit the local fabric stores and explore using my father in law’s sewing machine. He was the sewist in the family! Next time, I will take a few pictures of his projects!

A Fashion Mate 275

I wish I had taken even more in progress photos but overall this was my first project drafting the pattern from scratch for someone else. It is so exciting to have an opportunity to try sewing for someone else and to see how different adjustments can make the design better for each of us.

It was really exciting to see how much my mother in law liked this dress! She is very into accessorizing – and I see why – she’s fantastic at it!

See more pictures below! And thanks for being such a great muse!

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Pom Pom Dress Part 3 of 3 + Finished Pictures!

I’ve been a little busier in the evenings than I expected and so it’s taken me a little while to finish up the last pieces of this dress.Over one night, I sewed all of the button holes and this was not the easiest feat because each one was a different size. It wasn’t hard, but I was just very careful about keeping each button in order so that the sizes could be matched to the right size hole. I have a special button hole sewing foot that holds the button to make the exact size and so thankfully this is pretty easy to get right. Sometimes, I’ve noticed if I’m sewing thicker sections of fabric, it can be tougher for the foot to move over some sections. Sometimes that makes the hole a little funny. I only had one of those in this shirt so for now I’ll take it :)On night 2 I was able to sew the corresponding buttons in place and cut open the button holes. At the end of the night I was able to try it on and I pinned the additional pom pom trim in place. I actually think it looks better with the trim!! It’s exciting to feel like my gut and initial idea was right all along. The remaining question will still be whether I also add the trim to the sleeves. I am going to wait until the bottom is done before I officially determine if I should do the arms too.I am thinking I will finish this in my next session. Read below to see the final dress! Continue reading “Pom Pom Dress Part 3 of 3 + Finished Pictures!”

Pom Pom Dress Part 2

To pick up where we left off, I had to attach the skirt, finish the sleeves, add buttons, and then make a call on whether to add pom poms to the hem of the dress.I finished the sleeves and skirt to top attachment and it took a while to find the right placement of the waistline. Additionally, I added two back darts to improve the fit.Now comes the hard question:How crazy does this look?I can’t tell if I am making something cute or a pixie-tourist-nightmare. I keep imagining that I’m on Prject Runway and this would be the time that Tim Gunn or Christian Siriano tells me to use an editing eye. However, when I don’t have the trim in place, this dress seems kind of weird and boring.I am also thinking about adding the trim around the sleeves. Or maybe the edges of the collar? I think the collar would be too much… but the sleeves? Debatable. Unless you think it all is too much. But in NYC are things allowed to be too much?

Pom pom dress!

First off, Happy Mother’s day!! I am so thankful for everything my mom has taught me and all the time she took to help and support me with anything throughout my life.  This includes learning how to thread a sewing machine!

I decided to sew the cotton flower print/polka dot dress first which I’ll finish with the pom pom trim.

And here is the progress I made on day 1 (pics below)

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Upcoming Projects – preparing for Spring and Summer 2019

After my last pattern making class I quickly picked up the mushroom print for my Les Claypol dress and at the same time I saw a cotton version of the Carolina Herrera poodle print that I had used to make a silk shift dress a few years ago. I get so many compliments on that dress and it was a part of my most NYC experience when the designer of the fabric said hi to me on the street. I did not buy the fabric on Saturday but I kept thinking about it and on Monday after work I stopped by and picked it up. I am hoping to turn this into some cute shorts. I think this could be an interesting substitute for denim and still kind of match a lot of clothes.

Also… I saw this other colorful cotton voile. I think this could make a really nice A Line summer dress. I found the pom pom trim upstairs and I think this will help make the dress really nice and unique. I haven’t sewn in a trim on a dress before and I think this will be an interesting skill to develop and make some of my standard work reach a new level of complexity and unique detail.

Stay tuned! & let me know in the comments if you have recommendations!