Useful Resources – It’s a rainy day – why not learn things on YouTube?

My pattern class friend had a really interesting question about pattern grading (how to adjust patterns for different sizes). I’ve found these videos by Nick Verreos really interesting and helpful.

He does a nice job of breaking down the steps and reasoning of each element of a particular topic.

This post about the different types of silk fabric has been incredibly helpful for navigating fabric stores too!

Also, this video shows ways to conquer a gaping neckline.

Pattern Class 3 of 6

Today was a great day! We bundled up and headed into the city for brunch with friends. D wore his blue pants and they looked great with a dress shirt and sweater. I wore my Jason Wu gathered skirt (post scheduled to come out on the 19th… so this is a preview)

The food was quite good and it was fun to see friends.

I made it to class on time again and got to speak with the tall man. He inherited a bunch of fabric from his mom and it was pretty neat to hear about a skirt he’s making for his daughter. I also got to sit by my original measurement buddy and it was really nice to catch up!

In class we went through all the steps to make a pattern for a front bodice. It was definitely more complicated than the skirt and it involved a bunch of interesting measurements and angles.

After we made the bust pleat there was a small point on the outer side seam where we dropped the length another half inch. This was similar to the last class where we added an inch to the top of the skirt. This basically makes the fabric appear to lye parallel to the horizon when you’re wearing it.

We will finish the arm hole next week once we finish the shoulder on the back of the bodice.

After class I asked permission from the professor to post his website here! His name is Banjamin Mach and he’s super nice! In the MoodU classes you can clearly tell he knows what he’s doing. I told him that I was watching his project runway season and he seemed to think that was cool. It was interesting to hear a little of the behind the scenes of the show. I am really looking forward to next week. I think I will wait for the bodice back to be done before I try to sew it. Although, I kind of want to see if I could guess how to make the back based on the measurements we learned today for the front… maybe that’s a project for tomorrow!

This class is totally worthwhile and I would recommend it to everyone. I am looking forward to seeing what is available next. I heard they are thinking of an advanced class that could handle collars and other details like that… that could be quite cool!